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How to Find a Private Tutor

You must look for the right fit, type of person, and the style that will help you succeed on exams and academics.   Our private tutoring goal is to make you a better student and give you the confidence to do better on homework and exam prep.  Our private tutors are trained, certified and tested to make sure they have the skills to help you.

When you need to excel academically, the best way to do this is with the help of private tutors. Although you can find countless opportunities for enrichment education, group classes, and help at community tutoring centers, none of these provide the one-on-one attention and high standard of excellence that private tutors bring you. They can focus all of their attention on your needs, pushing you increasingly closer to your academic goals.

One of the most common uses of a private tutoring program is test preparation for the SSAT, ISEE, HSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, or another major standardized test. Your performance on the test does depend on your past education and the knowledge you have before starting your test preparation, but you can significantly improve your score in a short period of time with the right help. A private tutoring program provides individualized instruction on everything from the format of the test to specific strategies you can use and assistance with your weak areas so you can get the best score possible.




Private tutors who understand…

You should look for things when searching for private tutor:

  • Academic qualifications
  • Certification process
  • Background screening
  • Exam history
  • Ability to work with your schedule
  • Make sure there’s a thorough training process

How can a private tutor help you?

Our private tutors can help you with:
  1. 1. Academic subjects K-12, math, reading, science
  2. 2. Students who need to build confidence and take control of homework
  3. 3. School exams like AP subjects and IB programs
  4. 4. Test Prep from private school entrance exams, colleges to grad school admissions.

Private tutors can improve, enhance, and build confidence.

We’ve found that several tutoring companies out there are merely agencies.  They pair a student based on some intuition, and not science or metrics.  As a tutoring and test prep company, our staff is trained to make sure tutors have years of experience improving exam scores, building confidence and enhancing a student’s performance.  You should contact our tutoring team to learn more about ways we help.

You deserve a tutor who understands your needs and responds with speed and certainty.

Choosing the right private tutor isn’t a matter of simply guessing.  This is your life, and your academics on the line.  Work with local tutors who can understand your curriculum and build a custom program that provides academic, on-going support.

How Private Tutoring Works:

ivy league tutors

When working with the right private tutor, students can see increases in grades, exam scores, and confidence in their academic goals.  The challenge is knowing who to hire, whether they have the educational background, and whether their goals are aligned with your family’s.  Our private tutoring is highly customized and centered around the student’s goals.  For example, if you need help with math or science, we can provide an Ivy League educated private tutor who understands how to tutor.

Perhaps you’re looking for a professional private tutor who specializes on exams like the SSAT, ISEE or college exams like the SAT and ACT:  the private tutoring service we can provide you will give you the right tools to increase your test scores.  Our private tutors also have tutoring experience with graduate level examinations such as the MCAT, LSAT and GRE; and many of our best private tutors have graduated from schools like Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Cornell, Princeton, and Columbia.  Whatever your private tutoring needs, you’ll be able to hire the educated, qualified, and certified professionals who are ready to help your son or daughter succeed in school and with exams.


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Additional subjects we tutor in-home
include the following for students:

Our Private Tutoring can help you with the following:

  • Private School Admissions – ISEE, HSPT, SSAT exams
  • College Admissions – SAT, ACT, AP exams, IB Programs
  • Grad School Admissions – LSAT, MCAT, GRE, and GMAT
  • K-12 Academics – Math, Reading, Science, English and Writing


Our home tutoring programs include:
24/7 Custom Support, Academic Training, Private Tutors who work one-on-one with students.

Finding a private tutor can be easier - we'll help you on your pursuit of graduate tutors from the best universities and colleges.

Although you can try to find your own private tutors, it's tough to tell right away whether they are qualified to help you achieve your academic goals. Rather than looking on your own for a tutor, turn to Top Test Prep. We've carefully selected each of our private tutors and trained them with our top-notch materials so they can bring excellent instruction from the moment they enter your home.

*Even once you've settled on using a private tutor, you still have to select the particular tutor to hire. The best private tutors should meet these criteria:

*In the top 1% on test scores for the particular test they teach so they can help you toward the same level of excellence they have proven themselves capable of achieving...

*Educated at top-tier Ivy League schools so they're sure to be several steps ahead of you in terms of education and intellectual capability.

*Attentive and observant so they notice your weak areas and can help you become stronger so you have better test scores.

*Well-spoken so they can communicate clearly and make the most of every minute of your tutoring lessons.