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Rankings and SAT Scores in Fairfax, Montgomery, Arlington and Washington DC

A recent article posted by College Board and Washington Post, clearly outlined research on the average combined SAT scores of students in Fairfax, Montgomery, Arlington, and Washington DC .

Here are detailed scores for the SAT in the DC region and rankings of the best:

(1) Fairfax County – Average SAT score: 1659

(2) Montgomery County – Average SAT score: 1651

(3) Arlington County – Average SAT score: 1641

(4) Loudoun County – Average SAT score: 1590

(5) Prince William County – Average SAT score: 1490

(6) Alexandria – Average SAT score: 1436

(7) Prince George’s County – Average SAT score: 1274

(8) DC region students – Average SAT score:  1184


Washington DC has a lot of work to do.  We need to improve SAT scores and start being competitive.  The Top Test Prep team is happy to continue working with students from all regions including Bethesda, Fairfax and Arlington, but one of the regions that needs the most help is Washington DC.  Our private SAT and ACT tutors in Washington DC are here, ready to help – let’s get going and start working to improve both SAT and ACT scores in these regions.

Call Top Test Prep today to get your SAT scores up:  (202) 618-4473.



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