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Resume and Application Booster: Spring Break Ideas

Whatever your stage of school, spring break is usually a greatly anticipated hiatus. Using spring break as a time to complete a project or readjust and prepare for the next season can both reenergize you and add distinction to your resume and future applications. Alternative spring break ideas have been gaining more and more value in both academic and professional worlds. Doing something just a little differently can make applications stand out – and spring break projects don’t have to cost a lot of money – in some cases, you might make money! Here are a few spring break projects to think about:

1. Volunteering – locally, nationally, internationally.

Depending on your interests and budget, there are a myriad of volunteering projects that are possible during the spring. Volunteering is a great way to be part of a group and network. You will also likely learn of other opportunities that relate to your future goals.

Where can you find opportunities? Check churches, youth groups, and community bulletins for local options. If you are interested in traveling within the USA, also check national organizations like the United Way and Habitat for Humanity. If you hope to practice a language while traveling and volunteering, do a quick internet search of international opportunities. Consider your interests and budget in choosing an appropriate program.

2. Work, catch up, and earn a little extra income!

If you have a job or need to balance the budget after applications and have a job, why not work a few extra hours? Or perhaps you have your own side business and vacation can be a good time to get some extra work in. Working and fixing finances beats sitting around and waiting for school again. And you’ll still have time to go out with friends and enjoy family during your break. Working will show perseverance and independence on a school application, too.

Work during a vacation can also mean tidying up academic loose ends. If you are in the middle of a tough semester, taking a week to work at your own pace might be a good idea to let yourself feel more relaxed for the rest of the semester.

3. Road trip! – writing, photography, marching, visiting campuses.

Road trips are always a great way to avoid burnout and see a new part of the country. If you have a few like-minded friends or family counterparts, a quick trip can be rejuvenating, and it can turn into a mini-mission. If you have a destination like Gettysburg in mind, your trip might turn into an article or history project. Or perhaps you’d like the Spam Museum or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There might even be a march or protest that coincides with your beliefs that you could go to and write about later. If you like photography in an artistic or journalistic sense, your trip might add to a portfolio. Spring break is also a great time to visit colleges if you haven’t had the chance yet.

This post is titled “Resume and Application Booster: Spring Break Ideas” and was written by Marta Casey, who is a writer for Top Test Prep’s team.

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