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SAT Subject Tests

SAT-subject-testsThe SAT Subject Tests are supplement exams that are not required by most colleges and universities. However, many of the most selective schools, including all the Ivy Leagues, do factor in the SAT Subject Score when considering an applicant. As with any question you may have when applying to colleges, check with the certain college to see exactly what they require. Many colleges do allow an applicant to substitute AP or ACT scores for SAT Subject Test scores. There are 20 SAT Subject Tests available with each test graded out of 800. The amount of questions differs on each test, ranging from 50-95 multiple-choice questions. The Subjects are as follows:

· Biology
· Literature
· Math Level 1
· Math Level 2
· Physics
· U.S. History
· World History
· Chemistry
· Chinese with Listening
· French
· French with Listening
· German
· German with Listening
· Modern Hebrew
· Italian
· Japanese with Listening
· Korean with Listening
· Latin
· Spanish
· Spanish with Listening
Some colleges do have specific requirements so it pays to adequately research the required materials needed for application. While some of the colleges and universities use your subject test scores when considering your application, others use your scores to more accurately place you in your freshman classes. In the more competitive schools, subject test scores are often as important as the SAT or ACT. At many colleges, you can take whichever subject you choose.

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