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SAT and ACT Prep Tips: Test Day Strategies

If you’re preparing for the SAT and ACT exam, you want simple test prep strategies and tips that will help you on test day.

Here are three things you can use to help improve your SAT and ACT scores on the actual test date.

(1) Remember your fundamentals.  Both the SAT and ACT are written with basic math, reading and writing questions.  For example, the math on both the SAT and ACT go no further than most high schools’ 10th grade level.  You won’t find calculus or complex math on the exams because the test-makers keep the math level at Algebra 2 and Geometry levels.  This fact points to the importance of knowing your fundamentals.  When you’re preparing for the exams, don’t practice calculus.  Practice understanding and reviewing geometric, algebraic and word problems.  These fundamentals will take you far on the exams.

(2) Double-check your answer.  Inevitably with the rush of an exam (and given only 25 to 60 minutes) on most sections, your tendency is just to finish the exam and answer each problems as quickly as possible.  If you complete a section with time left over, you should always go back and review your answers.  Doing so can make or break your test scores.  How can you double-check your answer?  One strategy that works is writing the formula of a math question next to the problem.  Keep the formula there for quick access.  If you have extra time on a section, go back and re-plug your answer choice into this formula.

(3) But don’t over think a problem or second guess yourself.  At Top Test Prep, we’re often asked, “should I change my answers if I’m not completely certain of an answer choice?”  The answer is…your gut instinct is usually correct.  Yes, you should narrow down as many answer choices as possible, but when you’ve chosen an answer…be confident in your selection.  Referring to point (2) above:  you should absolutely double-check your answers (when time permits) but don’t second-guess yourself to the point where

I hope these SAT and ACT test prep tips and strategies helped you.  If you’re looking for SAT and ACT prep, give Top Test Prep a call (800) 501-Prep.



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