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4 Ways to Respond to SAT ‘s Role in Hiring Decisions

SAT prep has traditionally focused on preparing students to gain admission to the best schools. Today, an additional consideration is emerging. SAT scores now appear to play a larger role in employment prospects for recent graduates and even for older candidates. These are 4 ways to help you respond to current hiring trends.

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal said that a number of organizations, including consulting firms such as McKinsey & Co. and banks like Goldman Sachs, are requesting to see the SAT scores of job applicants. In some cases, this extends to candidates who are middle-aged.

The news appears to be something of a surprise even to the College Board that administers the test. They say that SAT design is focused on predicting success in college, and they have not studied how employers are using the results.

Meanwhile, these are four points that may help current job seekers:

Pay extra attention to math scores: The same article reports that employers tend to screen more strictly on math scores. This may be a priority area for tutoring.

Consider publishing your scores. Many students and recent graduates are taking the initiative to put their SAT results on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. If it looks impressive, use it your advantage.

Check your results. Some people may need to look up their old numbers. The College Board keeps the results indefinitely.

Be prepared. Experts speculate that the underlying motive for employers is needing an easy metric to winnow down a large field of applicants. Students are well advised to take advantage of all resources including tutoring to strengthen their SAT scores and other qualifications.

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