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Frequently Asked Questions about the SAT


How important is the SAT?

The SAT is used by the admission boards to predict how well a student will perform in college.  If you are seeking admission into a certain program, such as the school of journalism,  your critical reading and writing skills sections will probably be more heavily scrutinized than your math score.

What is considered a good score on the SAT?

The SAT is comprised of three sections with each section being out of 800 points.  A good score is relative to the college you hope to go to.  For reference, here is a list of certain colleges with their average required SAT score need to gain admittance.

Harvard University – 2200

Princeton University – 2200

Stanford University – 2200

NYU – 1950

University of Texas – 1850

University of Maryland – 1800

What are the SAT test dates?

The SAT is offered 7 times a year.  It is important to choose the date,which gives you enough time to study and prepare for the exam.  The test dates of the SAT for 2014 are:

Date                         Registration Deadline

January 25                          December 27

March 8                               February 7

May 3                                  April 4

June 7                                  May 9

October 11*

November 8*

December 6*

*Tentative scheduled dates

How do I register for the SAT?

The SAT is administered by The College Board.  You can register for the test online at www.collegeboard.org. or you can register by mail by obtaining a copy of the SAT Paper Registration Guide usually found in your college guidance counselor’s office.  Registering for the SAT costs $50.00 with a $27.00 late fee if you register after the deadline.

 For more information on the SAT, contact Dov Landau, Director of College Admissions at Top Test Prep. Top Test Prep is the elite one on one tutoring and admissions company featuring some of the best and brightest tutors and admission experts in the business.   Dov can be reached at 202-618-4474.


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