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Alli came to Top Test Prep after she scored a 1980 on her first diagnostic exam. She wanted to apply to Top 25 Colleges and needed some help with an SAT Prep Course. After completing her SAT Prep Courses with Top Test Prep, she scored a 2200 when she sat for the SAT Exam that Spring.

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How our SAT prep courses worked:

The SAT Prep Curriculum Team at Top Test Prep carefully considered the results of Alli’s SAT diagnostic exam and designed a series of SAT lesson plans tailored to improve her score, and strengthen her testing confidence.

Alli was paired with a top 1% SAT prep tutor who was able to target and improve areas on the exam where she was weak. Throughout the tutoring program, the College Board Curriculum Team adjusted her lesson plans to reflect her progress.

Results of the SAT Prep Course:

With the help of Top Test Prep, Alli was admitted to highly selective colleges and universities, including:

Harvard University, Yale University, University of Virginia, Carnegie Mellon University and Cornell University

Alli’s increased SAT score allowed her to gain early admission to her top choice schools.


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