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Meet the SAT Subject Tests, aka SAT II’s

With the SAT coming up, students may also be contemplating about taking the SAT II‘s.  What are these exams, and how are they different from the SAT?

SAT Subject Tests, also known as SAT II’s, are one-hour multiple-choice exams offered by the College Board, the same company that brought you the infamous SAT.  Each exam focuses on a specific subject, anything from science to foreign language to history, and is graded on a scale between 200 and 800. These are different from the SAT, so colleges have different requirements for these unique standardized tests. When choosing which subject tests to take, talk with your teachers to see if their curriculum covers the topics found on the SAT II. Courses on literature and history, for example, may focus on different periods than what their respective SAT II’s cover. This is especially important for the two Mathematics SAT II exams. If you are not confident with trigonometry, Math Level 1 is well-suited for you. It is also important to remember that SAT II’s have different grading scales. If you miss one question in Math Level 1, your score will drop below 800 whereas you could miss a couple Math Level 2 questions and still receive a “perfect score.”

Choose your test wisely, and make sure you have enough time to study and prepare for the test!

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