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Time Management Tips for the SAT

With a time frame of nearly four hours to complete nine sections, the SAT is a big test; especially if you consider the weight that the SAT has on your college admissions. Performing well on the SAT requires you to master a number of skills in addition to knowing the actual information on the test.  One of the more vital skills is managing your time within each section so you can answer as many questions as possible.  Here are a few tips on how to help you move efficiently and confidently through the whole SAT.

·      Don’t stress out about the time.  First things first; thinking too much about the passing time may ironically be the biggest time waster there is.  It pays to be aware of when your time is running out, but try not to let it preoccupy your mind and take away your focus on the actual content.

·      Always keep track of your time.  You should always know how much time you have left for each section.  As you start each section, write down the time that you have to complete it by so you can refer to it to know how much time is left.  It is a good idea to bring your own watch just in case you aren’t able to see the clock during the actual exam.

·      Ditch the order.  Skip questions if you must.  All of the test questions count the same towards your score, so you don’t benefit by spending a lot more time on the difficult questions.  The questions tend to increase in difficulty as you move through each section.  If you have absolutely no idea as to what the answer may be, make a note of it and move on.  If you have extra time at the end, you can return to the questions you skipped and give them another go at answering them.

·      Use all your given time.  If you manage to finish before the time is up, go back and review any questions you weren’t so sure about.  See if you can make an educated guess for any of the questions you skipped over and double check your answers on the easy questions to make sure you didn’t make a small mistake.

Overall, practice is the key.  Practicing with exams issued by the College Board is a great way to determine which questions are your strengths and should be addressed first.

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