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Score Choice on the Common App: New Version!

Change in Question on Test Scores on the Common Application

The Common Application, now accepted by 415 schools, provides students with the opportunity to submit one application as opposed to individual applications for each school. This year’s version of the Common Application went live on the web on July 31 and includes a change in the section in which applicants are asked to self-report their standardized test scores to the colleges to which they are applying.
Applicants will now be given the option on the Common Application to report only their “best scores (so far)” as opposed to being compelled as in the past to report all scores.

The change was made in response to a feature introduced last year by the College Board called “Score Choice.” Through Score Choice, applicants can direct the College Board to withhold some SAT scores from the colleges they are applying to as long as those colleges do not require the submission of all scores. The administrators of the Common Application didn’t create Score Choice, but they have to deal with much of the confusion generated by the policy. One source of confusion is the all-inclusive way the question was phrased in the Common Application, which was seemingly at odds with the philosophy of Score Choice. Colleges use applicant’s answers on test scores to speed the processing of their applications before official scores arrive. Applicants have the right to leave this section of the form blank and the form will still go through.

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