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Seoul Korea Tutors

– We have the finest SAT prep tutors in 서울 including Ivy League graduates of Harvard, Yale, and other Universities like MIT, Stanford and Berkeley.

-We also provide Korean families with math, reading, english and writing tutors for help with academics.

-Get in touch if you want to 대학에 입학 Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Dartmouth, Columbia and other US colleges.

Tutors in 서울 Seoul Korea (Exam 시험 prep)

Seoul, Korea is a long way from Harvard University in Cambridge or Yale University in New Haven, but students at International schools in South Korea’s capital city often dream of attending American Ivy League schools. However, one of the drawbacks of studying half-way around the world from these prestigious universities is not being able to tell exactly what knowledge they, as students, have to master in order to place well on American college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT tests.

Top international schools in Seoul

Seoul offers a number of excellent college preparatory schools. The best of these are listed below:

  • Seoul International School
  • Yongsan International School
  • Seoul Academy International School
  • Seoul Foreign School
  • Seoul Christian School

How Ivy League Seoul tutoring can help Korean students

American Ivy League schools–Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth and the University of Pennsylvania–offer some of the best quality education in the world. A degree from one of these prestigious institutions can open doors not necessarily open to graduates from other schools. Using Ivy League tutors in Korea can help students prepare for the exams that are weighed heavily by admission officers at these universities.

SAT and ACT 시험 Prep in Seoul Korea

Being well-prepared on test day can mean the difference between being accepted at the school of your choice or having to settle for second best. At Top Test Prep, our Seoul test prep tutors are all Ivy League graduates and offer private, in-home coaching. What’s more: they all placed in the top one percent when they took the tests they are tutoring themselves. A Top Test Prep Seoul SAT tutor covers just the material your student needs to know. There’s no wasting time on studies he or she has already mastered.

Seoul tutors for college entrance exams can help students make sure that they are well-versed in the English and mathematics material that is covered on the SAT, ACT or graduate entrance exams. Our Seoul SAT prep tutors will also make sure that students are comfortable with the test and question format, so there are no surprises when they sit for the SAT exam.

Preparing for college entrance exams in Korea doesn’t have to be confusing or stressful. With our Harvard tutors in Seoul (and tutors for other schools), students can be confident that they know the material and are comfortable with the test format long before test day.


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