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Setting Yourself Apart from Other Private School Applicants

Applying to private school can be overwhelming, and the competition for those few coveted seats can be cutthroat. Therefore, it is imperative that you set yourself apart from other applicants and force the admissions committee to take note of you. The best way to do so is to show the committee what makes you unique and especially an important asset to their school.

• Write a compelling essay
Avoid predictable topics chosen you think the admissions committee will find impressive. Instead, truly reflect on your interests and passions and uncover what makes you tick. Write about that passion, hobby or extracurricular in a personal way. Tell a story to the admissions committee that makes them decide they just have to learn more about you …by admitting you to their school!

• Seek professional advice
An educational consultant can help you find the school that is the best fit for you and guide you through the private school applications process. Finding the perfect private school can give you the edge in the application process, and an educational consultant can help you tailor your application to show the admissions committee why you are indeed an asset for their school.

• Get the best recommendation letters
Recommendation letters should come from people who are well connected to the school and affiliated with the school. Seek out parents of current students, alumni, or faculty who you or your family knows well, and who know you well, for the most personalized letters. Recommendation letters will only give you a competitive edge if they come from a source the school values or trusts greatly. Not every school factors in recommendation letters in the selection process, but for those that do, acquiring letters from influential sources will boost your chances of admission. An educational consultant is valuable at this step as well as he or she will know which schools place emphasis on recommendations in the application package.

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