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Should American College Students Study Abroad in England/UK? What are the benefits?

If you’re considering studying abroad, read this:

Competition for a small number of slots at elite American universities has escalated in recent years with acceptance rates at the most sought after institutions now in the single digits. With large applicant pools of gifted students, the application process increasingly resembles the lottery. As America’s forefathers looked west as the going got tough, a small but growing number of Americans have begun to look east and across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom as a new educational frontier for ambitious and savvy undergraduates. England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are home to some of the world’s most distinguished universities and they are eagerly recruiting Americans. What are the advantages of earning a BA from institutions in the United Kingdom and how do I get my search started?

The Benefits of Studying Abroad in England…

Many of the most notable Universities include: Oxford, Cambridge, The London School of Economics, and even St Andrews and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Indeed, there are hundreds of United Kingdom institutions of higher learning worth exploring. But, what can these schools offer for your undergraduate education?

(1) COST-EFFECTIVENESS: United Kingdom universities are less expensive than the average four year private American university and most accept US financial aid.

(2) ACADEMIC DEPTH AND ACCELERATED STUDY: By focusing on one or two subjects, you can complete an undergraduate degree in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland in three years. It takes four years in Scotland, but you may also earn your masters in the process.

(3) HIGH QUALITY TEACHING AND ACCESS TO PROFESSORS: The tutorial method is used at selective United Kingdom institutions providing students with intimate discussion focused classes.

(4) EXPOSURE TO LOCAL AND NEARBY EUROPEAN AND WORLD CULTURES: You will be exposed to the rich local cultures of the United Kingdom, which have become increasingly cosmopolitan with an influx of international students and immigrants. The European continent is a hop, skip, and jump away and you will have the opportunity to travel there on weekends during the school year and for more extended periods over the holidays and between semesters.

(5) YOUR MARKETABILITY FOR AMERICAN GRADUATE DEGREES AND EMPLOYMENT COULD INCREASE: United Kingdom degrees are largely respected by American graduate institutions and employers. Moreover, in a shrinking globe, the time you spent abroad could make you more attractive to many of them than your American educated counterparts. American corporations are creating more jobs overseas than at home and international experience is increasingly valuable in the public sector.

The British Council USA operates a highly informative web-site, which will provide you with access to degree programs related to your academic interests and scholarship programs. Visa requirements and living in the United Kingdom are also covered. Give it a try, but this time if you decide to become an educational pioneer, the settlements are constructed for you; and the academic and non-academic rewards are readily apparent.


David Dickson is on the admissions counseling team at Top Test Prep. This article hopefully is a starting point for considering studying abroad in the England and other countries. For more information on how studying abroad can help you gain admissions to graduate schools, call Top Test Prep at (800) 501-7737.

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