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Should You Ever Decline An Interview?

For admission to most programs at top colleges an interview is an optional part of the application. Some college’s say that they want to interview all candidates, while others say that it won’t affect your application negatively if you choose not to interview. It is typically only those who are applying to programs such as business or medicine that have to interview.

So, if thoughts of clammy hands and hard questions spring to mind when you think about an interview, it’s easy to say, “Well it’s not necessary. I won’t risk it.”

However, one should never pass up the chance to talk further about their application. Interviewers know they are dealing with high school students whose interview experience may only extend to an interview for a job at the local ice cream shop. While that is no excuse for a sloppy or unprepared interview, you’re not going to be walking into the stuffy atmosphere you fear.

An interview is really just a conversation. If you are a student that is looking at a top college, then you will have had many achievements about which you are passionate. Steer the interview towards these areas that you are confident about and have meaning to you, and you will find that you can talk about them with ease.

Furthermore, your interviewer is not going to be some stodgy admissions officer peering over his glasses with skepticism about your application. Typically, interviews are done either by alums who are eager to help shape a new class of their alma mater and enjoy meeting prospective students, or by a college student working with the admissions committee. These people are not out to hurt you, but rather get a better sense of who you are as a person.

The interview is the best chance you have to elaborate on your application, and it’s a mistake to pass it up out of fear.  The best college’s receive applications from students with myriad accomplishments, and at some point it becomes hard for them to distinguish one A-student that is editor of their school newspaper with a 2100 SAT score from another. The interview is your chance to speak in more detail about your accomplishments and give the school a chance to see what these accomplishments meant to you. Don’t pass it up!
This article is titled, “Should You Ever Decline An Interview?.”  It was written by Jon B, who is a writer for Top Test Prep’s team.

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