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Six Recommendations for Future College Engineering Applicants

Building a strong engineering application takes preparation and should begin no later than your junior year. Six tips for facilitating this process follow.

1.Research colleges with strong engineering programs. Examine their engineering department web-site to learn about them. Arrange visits to the schools that most appeal to you. When you do so, make sure that you talk to an engineering advisor in addition to participating in a regular college information session and tour.

2.Talk to different types of enginners to learn about their jobs. Learn the differences between civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, chemical, and bio-enginnering.

3. Look into engineering internships prior to your senior year. A start would be to explore Google Engineering Opportunities for High School students.

4. Sign up for an academic enrichment course related to engineering at a local college.

5. Bolster your computer skills since computer science where you learn programming languages is an important part of engineering programs.

6. Examine the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook on earnings and job prospects for different areas of engineering at www.bls.gov/oco.

Engineering, like other fields, requires deliberation and preparation to produce the strongest possible college application.

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