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SSAT Exam – Guide to Help Parents

These are some helpful quick tips for parents as your son or daughter prepares to take the SSAT exam and apply for boarding school or private school admissions.

5 Tips for Parents about the SSAT Exam and Test Prep:

(1) The SSAT Exam is like the SAT exam, but actually requires more practice because students aren’t as familiar with big tests in the academic “careers.”

(2) A balanced strategy to the SSAT exam doesn’t always work – you should try to isolate strengths and weaknesses, and focus on what your son or daughter needs the most help with overall.

(3) Working to improve your child’s SSAT scores requires that the student treats the test like their first part-time job.  Get rid of the video games and extra time waste, and make sure your child is spending between 1 to 2 hours per night on the SSAT exam.

(4) Take as many SSAT practice tests as possible.  Your child should aim to complete at least 5 full-length practice SSAT exams before the actual test.

(5) Work on test anxiety by doing fun activities such as playing sports and reading fun books.  These side activities can help a student lower his or her stress levels before the SSAT comes around.


We hope these tips helped as a guide and tips for parents – we know the SSAT is challenging, so we’re here to help you as a parent;  call us at (800) 501-Prep to learn more about our SSAT test prep and tutoring programs.


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