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SSAT Exam Tips

How to increase your SSAT score: 5 Tips to Succeed

The SSAT can seem daunting, but there are many reliable and proven resources available to students and parents to increase SSAT scores. While a student’s score on this test will not in and of itself make or break his or her application to private secondary school, it is an important part of the application package. Fortunately, there are several SSAT strategies and tips that will help a student do well on the SSAT.

 1.    Get an excellent SSAT tutor.

The key to scoring well on the SSAT is familiarity with the test sections and problems. Using a review book and taking practice tests will definitely improve your score, especially in the math section. However, working with a tutor will break down your strengths and weaknesses, and give you a customized tutoring plan that works on the problem areas to increase your confidence in all areas of the test.

2.    Read as much as you can.

Read the classics, Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and even read newspapers. Independent, high-quality reading will not only boost your score on the reading comprehension, verbal and writing sections, but also prepare you for the challenging academics at your private prep school and college. You will expand your vocabulary, gain familiarity with texts you will likely be reading in high school, and who knows, you might even have fun while learning!

 3.    Develop your reading comprehension skills.

When you finish a chapter, a scene, or an article, quiz yourself on what you just read. Can you sum up the plot in a short paragraph? If you find yourself having trouble remembering what you read, do not be afraid to mark up your text while reading. As you read, highlight key passages, and use post-it notes to note key points about the plot or characters in each chapter.

 4.    Build your SSAT vocabulary

As you read, you will inevitably encounter unfamiliar words. Note these words down in a notebook, and later, look them up. Make flashcards for each word, writing down the definition, a sentence using the word, and a synonym.

5.    Pace yourself.

Cramming the week before the test will not work. Instead, space out your studying in the several months preceding the test. This way, you will not be frustrated when you don’t understand the material, and you will have plenty of time to learn it thoroughly.

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