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5 Tips to Ace your SSAT

You are starting to prepare for the SSAT, but where do you begin? You have most likely never taken a standardized test of this length and depth. Take a deep breath, and follow these five tips.

  1. Start practicing early and often. The earlier you start your SSAT prep, the better off you will be. In this situation, starting early means beginning test prep at least 3 months before the test date. Cramming for a test is never a good idea, much less for a 3 hour one. Studying months before the test will allow you to not only absorb the material, but also learn proper test taking strategies. This brings me to my next point:
  2. Take practice tests! Even if you are confident with the material, you will want to ensure that you can solve all the questions in a timely manner. Taking full length practice tests will measure your mental endurance as well as your ability to finish all the sections in time. Having all the knowledge in the world won’t help if you suffer from test anxiety or do not properly gauge your time.
  3. Study your Vocab. While the SSAT will not ask direct questions about the meaning of words, you vocabulary will be quizzed indirectly through reading passages and context, as well as synonyms and analogies. An understanding of all the words on the test is essential to your success on the test.
  4. Know the material. This one seems obvious, but often times students and parents get too caught up in test taking strategies. While it is important to know the structure of the test and the best way to maximize your chances, the SSAT is at its foundation a test of your knowledge and thinking abilities. So, you should know your math, know your grammar, and be able to read quickly and efficiently. No amount of tips and strategies can substitute for a strong working knowledge of the subject matter.
  5. Finally, do not get burned out! I know I said to start studying early and often, but pace yourself. On days where you don’t take a practice test, limit yourself to an hour or two a day. This way, come test day, you will be mentally fresh and ready to ace your test.


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