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To Flex or Not to Flex?

As you may or may not know, there are two SSAT tests: the SSAT Standard Test and the SSAT Flex Test. Although there are different titles for these tests, do not let this confuse you. Both of these tests are the same and present the same material. The only difference is the flexibility in the setting and scheduling. Since the SSAT Standard Test only allows students to choose from eight set dates and places, the SSAT Flex Test was designed for students who need special accommodations.

Although both SSATs are equal in difficulty, the SSAT Flex Test does have some advantages for certain students. The Flex Test is meant for a small group or an individual that is facing a compressed admission timeline or requires test accommodations. Students who benefit from taking the SSAT Flex Test are ones who might be changing schools during the school year, entering school at an atypical time of year, or facing issues with the setting or registration dates available.

The greatest advantage of the Flex Test is that the student can take the exam during a more optimal time of day on a day of the week besides Saturday. The usual SSAT Standard Test begins at 9 AM on Saturday mornings. With some of the test-takers being as young as 8-years-old, this might not be the prime time to take an exam that determines these students’ futures. If your child is not a morning person, or you live too far from a testing center to make it there on a Saturday morning, the Flex Test is a great opportunity for you. Scheduling a separate date for the Flex Test allows you to register for a date and time that works best for you and your child.

The Flex Test is held in either a very small group or for an individual. This is a great advantage for those students who do not perform their best in small, overcrowded rooms. These are just a few of the many reasons that the Flex Test might be a better option for your child.

You may be wondering why everyone wouldn’t just sign up for a Flex Test. Not anyone can just register for a Flex Test. In order to sign up for one of these tests, you have to first make an appointment with the administering school or an educational consultant. Also, the Flex Test does cost more than the SSAT Standard Test. Some Flex Tests can cost up to a several hundred dollars. So, before you decide which SSAT Test to register for, consider your child’s preferences and whether or not you think the accommodations are worth the extra cost.

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