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SSAT Online Tutors: Are They Worth It?

We get a lot of questions about online tutoring, both from parents and students. Is it effective? Is it personal? Is the software easy to use?

Top Test Prep puts great effort into selecting an SSAT tutor that matches each student’s needs and expectations. Although you can try to find your own private tutors, it’s tough to tell right away whether they are truly qualified to help you achieve your goals. Maybe commuting isn’t an option for you, or maybe there simply isn’t a tutor with SSAT experience available in your area. For students looking for convenience, online tutoring brings our top-rated tutors right to their home.

Here are our reasons why online tutoring is a great option for SSAT preparation:

– Access to the nation’s top tutors who have experience with the SSAT
High schools in different parts of the country have different requirements for its prospective students, and finding the right tutor for your test can leave you with a limited choice of options. Online tutor brings knowledgeable and experienced tutors right to you.

– Access to the leading test prep resources
The SSAT is not known as well as the larger standardized tests, like the SAT and ACT. As a result, effective study resources can be hard to come by. All Top Test Prep students have access to quality study materials and diagnostic exams, which our private tutors use in individualized instruction to bring each student to a higher level of excellence.

– Use of an interactive, simple, and effective interface
Our tutors use a face-to-face video-chat platform along with an interactive whiteboard during the lesson. Our tutors can share documents, draw diagrams, and write out formulas in real-time during the lesson, which is important for a test as comprehensive as the SSAT; this means students still reap all the benefits of Top Test Prep’s individualized approach, and can interact as effectively as if the tutor was in the same room.

All in all, online tutoring is a great opportunity for students to have access to our top-rated tutors and the leading study materials in the industry. Why limit yourself to the tutors in your area when you can meet one-on-one with the best of the best?

Top Test Prep is a leader in the private school admissions industry. For more advice on how you can make the most of your child’s private school admissions process and gain entrance to the school of your family’s dreams, contact Top Test Prep today by visiting TopTestPrep.com or calling (800) 501-7737.

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