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SSAT Reading Section Tips and Strategies

Just as you do for the other sections of the SSAT exam, you should create a strategy for tackling the SSAT reading comprehension test. Incorporating certain strategies into your test preparation plans can make tackling the questions in the reading comprehension section a breeze. The reading comprehension section will include 6-7 short passages and 40 questions about the content. Below are some strategies to boost your SSAT Reading Comprehension section score.

  • Do a quick read-through of the passage before you look at the questions to get the general gist of the passage before you get bogged down by the specific details. Focus on the beginning and end of the passage, as this is where most of the main points of the passage will be.
  • When answering the questions, refer back to the passage. The answers to the questions will be contained in the passage, and using context clues and inference will help you find the correct answers.
  • Pace yourself. If you get stuck on a particularly difficult question, mark it in your test booklet and come back to it when you have gotten through the rest of the section. This way you don’t spend too much time on one question or passage or end up rushing through the rest of the test and making careless errors.
  • All of the questions can be categorized as either specific or general. For each passage, answer the specific questions first, as these will often refer to specific lines of the text. General questions are broader in scope and should be answered after you have completed the specific questions and have a solid understanding of the main ideas in the passage.
  • Be careful with the “definition” questions. SSAT test-writers will usually choose words that have multiple definitions and use them in a way that you are not used to seeing. Make sure to choose the definition of the word that most accurately fits in the context of the passage.

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