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SSAT Review | The SSAT Test

Ana’s family came to Top Test Prep looking at applying to elite private schools and boarding schools. Ana scored in the 70th percentile on the SSAT and needed SSAT test prep help as soon as possible. After completing her SSAT test program, Ana scored in the SSAT exam’s 99th percentile when she took the SSAT test in January of the following year.

SSAT Test Review - SSAT Prep

Ana was paired with a top 1% tutor who was able to target and improve areas on the exam where she was weak. Throughout the tutoring program, the SSAT study plan team helped her customize a lesson plan to tackle the SSAT sections.

The Boarding School and Private School Admissions team at Top Test Prep considered the results of Ana’s SSAT diagnostic exam and designed a series of lesson plans tailored to improve her score, and strengthen her testing confidence.

The SSAT Test

The SSAT test can be challenging for students – as it’s split into lower, middle and upper level components and includes Verbal, Math, Writing sections, which are all very similar to the SAT exam.  However, doing SSAT test prep and reviewing the test sections thoroughly, one can improve their SSAT scores.   This is exactly what Ana did on the SSAT test.

Results of SSAT Test Review:

With the help of Top Test Prep, Ana was admitted to top private schools including:

Washington DC Private Schools: Sidwell Friends, National Cathedral School (NCS), Maret, Georgetown Visitation. And the following best boarding schools:  Phillips Exeter, Phillips Andover, The Lawrenceville School, Groton, St. Paul’s School.

After choosing Andover, she’s now excited to be graduating and moving on to an Ivy League college.

Where our SSAT Test Review Helped:

  • Top 1% SSAT Prep Tutors
  • Custom-Built SSAT Lesson Study Plans
  • Official SSAT Diagnostic Tests

For information on SSAT Test Prep and Review, contact (800) 501-7737 or visit our learn more about SSAT.

SSAT Test Review and Prep

SSAT Test Review and Prep