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Your SSAT Score Report

You took your SSAT, and you got your score report back. It’s a jumble of weird numbers and percentiles. What does it all mean? Well, it is important to properly understand your score report so you know which schools from which you have a realistic shot of gaining admission.

  • Your score report will include your scaled score, your personal score, your percentile, and your score breakdown. Your scaled score is the SSAT’s way of compensating for different test difficulties. For the Upper Level SSAT, the average score is 650 in each section. Half the scores will fall above this number, and half the scores will fall below this number.
  • For the Middle Level SSAT, scores range from 440-710. The middle level SSAT is for students in currently in grades 5-7 who will be applying to a private middle school.
  • For the Upper Level SSAT, the score range is from 500-800. The upper level SSAT is taken by students in grades 8-11 who will be applying to a private high school.
  • Your SSAT scaled score is based on your raw score. Your raw score is based on the number of correct, incorrect, or omitted questions on your SSAT. A correct answer is +1, incorrect is -1/4, and omit is 0. The SSAT is curved, with 50% scoring above the average scaled score, and 50% scoring below the average scaled score.
  • The most important number on your score report is your SSAT total percentile. Your percentile is the percent of students of your grade and gender you scored better than over the past 3 years. So, if you are an 8th grade male in the 85th percentile, that means you scored better than 85 percent of 8th grade males who took the SSAT in the past three years.
  • SSAT Percentiles are the number usually used by admissions officers. While there is no official cutoff, the average applicant will need to achieve a certain score for his or her application to have strong consideration.

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