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There are many different educational opportunities available for St. Louis students, and as a parent you know the importance of your child’s education. You recognize that they need to go to the best private schools in the area in order to be prepared for college and university life. If your child has dreams of attending the prestigious Washington University one day, the time is now to get started on test prep St. Louis. Our St. Louis tutors are specifically trained in preparatory school, high school and college exam preparation.

Private tutors St Louis can help your child achieve their dreams by preparing them properly for entrance exams that will get them into the best high schools in the city. Many of the best private schools are all-female or all-male learning institutions, and many of them are operated by the Catholic Church. One of the best all-male high schools in the city is St. Louis University High School. This is an all-boys Catholic High School with an enrollment of about 1,000 students in ninth through twelfth grade. One of the top all-female high schools in St. Louis is the Visitation Academy of St. Louis. This is an exclusive school with an enrollment of just more than 400 girls ranging from grades seven through twelve.

It is important to have your child continue their work with St Louis tutors even after they have been accepted to a top area high school. Our math tutors St Louis can help them excel in their coursework. At the same time, students can enroll in SAT prep St Louis in order to prepare for the difficult college entrance exams that lie ahead. As a parent, you will appreciate the guidance we can offer through our ACT prep St Louis programs. All of our 150 St Louis tutors are highly trained in exam preparation and have all received scores in the top 1 percent on the exams they themselves have taken. Our private tutors St Louis are available to come into your home to work with your student on an individual basis. This means that they can focus and concentrate on the task at hand, while receiving the individual attention and custom coursework that they need in order to succeed.

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Top Test Prep’s tutoring program was focused, and the material used was top quality and my tutor was always there to help and was an expert on the subject matter from math, reading to my science exams.
– Mike Vitale, St. Louis Tutoring

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Top Test Prep has expert admissions consultants and private online tutors for St. Louis region, helping students prepare for private school exams (SSAT, ISEE, HSPT), college admissions (SAT, ACT), math, science, reading subjects and grad schools (MCAT and LSAT). If you're trying to get your son or daughter into the best private schools, boarding schools, colleges or graduate schools, Top Test Prep can help you. Our expert admissions counselors and test prep company is dedicated to helping students - from middle school, high school and beyond.

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