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Improve your test scores for college or high school entrance exams with the Stamford CT tutoring company Top Test Prep. At Top Test Prep, we offer individual, distraction-free tutoring in your own home. Our experienced tutors teach SSAT and ISEE prep in Stamford CT and coach test prep for college and graduate school entrance exams including the SAT, ACT, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT and GRE. We deliver quantifiable results: Our students increase their exam scores with one-on-one tutoring, group lesson and in-depth academic support.  To further improve your academic performance and boost college admissions success, our tutors also offer K-12 tutoring services for math, reading, writing and English.

Our tutors work with students from Stamford Academy, Stamford High School, Sacred Heart Academy of Stamford, Westhill High School, King & Low-Heywood Thomas School, Trinity Catholic High School and other Stamford area schools. We select only Stamford private tutors who have scored in the highest 1% of each exam they teach, and who hold degrees from prestigious colleges. See for yourself what a difference this makes by scheduling a free consultation to discuss your academic achievement needs with one of our expert tutors.

At Top Test Prep, we begin every tutoring relationship with a diagnostic exam to asses your test or subject performance. From there, your tutor creates a personalized study plan for your academic success and goal achievement. Our individualized help from subject matter experts spells the key to your success. Whether your goal is to improve test scores, ace that entrance exam through ISEE and SSAT prep in Stamford CT, or improve skills in an academic subject, Top Test Prep has for the best tutoring in the greater Stamford region.

Our private tutors also offer graduate school personal essay and exam prep for students at nearby colleges, including the University of Connecticut-Stamford, Sacred Heart University and the University of Bridgeport. We work with former admissions officers to help you with essay preparation, admissions applications and the entire graduate school application process.

We have demonstrated ability to help you achieve your dreams of college or prep school admissions, test preparation and academic success. Learn more about our Stamford academic tutoring, test prep and admissions counseling by scheduling a free consultation today.

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So glad I signed up with the Stamford team of tutors and test prep experts.  You’ll find these local tutors are the area experts – my math grades and SAT/ACT scores benefited tremendously. – Alex Smith, Math, SAT, ACT tutoring

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Top Test Prep has expert admissions consultants and private online tutors for Stamford, CT region, helping students prepare for private school exams (SSAT, ISEE, HSPT), college admissions (SAT, ACT), math, science, reading subjects and grad schools (MCAT and LSAT). If you're trying to get your son or daughter into the best private schools, boarding schools, colleges or graduate schools, Top Test Prep can help you. Our expert admissions counselors and test prep company is dedicated to helping students - from middle school, high school and beyond.

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