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Steps to Improve Your SAT and ACT Scores

Here are some helpful tips to improve your SAT and ACT exam scores and overall performance:

First note: If it’s possible, find a reputable private test preparatory service early in your high school years to assist you in reaching your testing potential. General guidelines for test preparation include the following.

(1) Take several mock ACT/SAT exams. Using actual test questions from The Real ACT Prep Guide and The Official SAT Study Guide will help you improve your scores. Actual test questions are always better for your SAT and ACT prep. In fact, Top Test Prep’s curriculum is based the premise that students always do better when practicing with previously administered SAT and ACT exams. Think like the test makers do! Students should be cautious of other companies who use their interpretations of SAT and ACT questions.

(2) Some sections are more challenging. Recognize that SAT math questions become more difficult as you go through each section. If you can’t answer the last few questions in a section, devote your time to reviewing questions from the beginning and the middle.

(3) Read questions carefully to avoid misinterpreting them.

(4) Make calculated guesses. Avoid random guessing in the multiple choice section of the SAT which will penalize you for incorrect answers. However, if you can eliminate at least one answer as incorrect however, it is in your best interest to guess.

(5) Retake the SAT or ACT if your score is not indicative of your true ability.

Like many things in life, the ACT and SAT have their flaws. However, they aren’t disappearing in the short term, and your performance on them could have a major impact on the academic strength of the college that you attend. Start the test preparation process as soon as you enter high school.

David Dickson is a counselor with Top Test Prep, which offers private SAT tutoring and private ACT tutoring with admissions experts who can help you gain admission to your top schools. Call (800) 501-Prep to learn more about SAT and ACT Prep.

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