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Submitting SAT Scores: What’s the significance?

According to a new study of freshman, students who include SAT scores in their applications have higher GPA’s their first year than those who don’t do so. The study tracked students at Bowdoin College where both SAT and ACT scores are optional for applicants, and Barnard College, Colby College, Carnegie Mellon University, and Georgia Institute of Technology where students may submit one or the other.

At Bowdoin, students who did not submit standardized scores received grades in the first year which were .2 lower than those students who submitted scores. This pattern carried over to Barnard, Colby, Carnegie Mellon, and Georgia Institute of Technology for students who submitted ACT as opposed to SAT scores.

The study suggests that the SAT may predict academic performance in a meaningful fashion, though it must be expanded to additional schools to produce a more definitive conclusion. It also takes place against the backdrop of an increasing number of colleges who have decided to make the submission of selective standardized test scores optional.

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