• Samantha Jade

    SSAT Prep and Private Tutoring
    • Phillips Exeter Academy
    • Trinity School
    • Horace Mann
    • Phillips Andover

    Samantha enrolled in Top Test Prep’s SSAT program and applied to the best boarding schools and prep schools in the United States.  After starting in the low percentile for her SSAT scores, Samantha set a Top Test Prep record for score improvement on the SSAT and gain admission to 7 of her 8 top boarding schools including Exeter, Andover and NYC private schools Trinity and Horace Mann.

    Top Test Prep's tutoring program was excellent! The material used was top quality and my tutor was always there to help and was an expert on the subject matter.  
  • Michael E.

    Ivy League JD and MBA programs
    • Yale
    • Chicago
    • Harvard
    • Columbia

    After starting with a high 140 score on the LSAT, Michael eventually improved his LSAT scores and answered on average 70% more per section.  He eventually raised his score by more than 30 points.  Another record at Top Test Prep.  Students typically see between 8 to 25 points improvement on the LSAT.

    "I would recommend Top Test Prep over any other company out there. The intensity, dedication and passion of the staff is 100%, all the time."  
  • John Maxwell

    MCAT Prep and Tutoring
    • WashU Med
    • Harvard Med School
    • NYU Med
    • Cornell

    After scoring a 7 on each section, John almost gave up on the MCAT exam.  Good thing he decided to check out Top Test Prep.  Our team refused to let him quit.  John eventually was connected with one of Top Test Prep’s MCAT tutors and saw a gradual improvement of about 1 point per week in all three sections of the MCAT:  Verbal, Physical and Biological Sciences.  He eventually scored a 36 total on the actual MCAT, and was accepted at several top medical schools.

    "Improving your MCAT score is difficult. But it's much easier if you train with MCAT tutors who have scored in the top 1% and with people who will do whatever it takes to help you improve your scores."  
  • Lawrence Loyal College Admissions Counseling

    The college admissions counseling at Top Test Prep is without a doubt the most highly ranked in the country.  Our family searched around forever to find the right fit for college admissions experts… And Top Test Prep was the perfect fit.

  • academic tutoring
    Anne Shultzv MBA Admissions Counseling

    Working with the team at Top Test Prep helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined.

  • private tutoring and test prep
    John Wilson SAT and LSAT Private Tutoring

    My tutor had scored in the top 1% percent for the SAT and LSAT, but even better, was able to connect well. I would highly recommend Top Test Prep to students and parents.

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