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Successful Essay Topics for College Applications

Choosing your college essay topic is a very important decision. Whether the essay is to be written from a given prompt or a topic of your choosing, what you write about and how you write it speaks volumes about who you are, your values, your intelligence, and your organizational skills. Even a seemingly easy prompt such as what recent world event has affected you most reveals a great deal about the type of person you are. Here are some tips on choosing your topic:

Keep your topic very specific even if you are given a general topic to write about. Keeping it to a very narrow subject will keep your writing focused. In addition, a narrow topic will require more thought than a general topic.

For example, writing about the Iraq War may be too general. However, focusing your essay on your perspective of what occurred when the dictator of Iraq was suddenly removed from power will be a far better choice and it will tell the admissions committee all about you.

Pick a topic that you can write about passionately. If you are able to convey your passion through your written words you will make a good impression. For example, if you feel strongly about how high gas prices are shaping the economy, write about it. However, write about how it has changed your life and those around you. It is ok to write about “hot” topics or ones that can be controversial. Just keep it in good taste and never write from a perspective that shows a narrow, parochial point of view. You should probably skip the essay on your favorite drinking games.

General topics, sloppy essays, choices that seem insincere or ones in bad taste will only hurt your chances for admissions.

Your college essay exhibits your command of standard written English. In addition, your reasoning skills, your ability to put forth a persuasive argument, and your organizational skills are all reflected in this essay.

The college essay should exhibit your ability to speak cogently about a topic, matter or subject that is important to you.

Think before you write. Get your thoughts organized and be prepared to spend some time on this. A “killer” essay will be on a very specific topic, it will be well written and well organized. Proof read it, spell check it, and check for grammar prior to submitting it.

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