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Summer Pre-College Programs Can Enhance Your College Applications

As old man winter approaches in many parts of the country, it isn’t too early to start thinking about summer pre-college programs (also known as summer enrichment programs) for junior and rising senior high school students. Many programs are booked by February or March so if you wish to find a good program for summer 2012, register as soon as possible.

What Are They
Summer programs are typically two to six weeks in length. Some offer scholarships, while others have costs ranging from $1,500 to $7,500. Students attending these programs experience college level work and a preview of college life. They choose their classes and live on campus. Pre-college programs may include courses taught by professors for college credit, themes of language and cultural immersion, or community service programs. Afternoons include leisure activities and weekends often include excursions to local areas of interest. Participation in these summer programs can assist students in making decisions about suitable colleges. You can also display the discipline and focus necessary to do the high level academic work which colleges look upon favorably.

How to Apply
If interested, research college web-sites or contact of college of your choice in the few weeks to see if they offer pre-college summer programs. It could be a summer to remember, and a road to your higher education goals.

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