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Ten Steps to Take After You Submit Your College Application

Once you push the “submit” button on your college application, the process is not complete. Ten steps that will help you keep it moving follow.

1. Check in with teachers who agreed to write recommendations to confirm they have been submitted.

2. Make sure that your standardized tests have been sent by the appropriate testing agency.

3. If you submitted applications electronically, review your “receipts” and confirm that the application supplements and payment were all sent.

4. Check with your guidance counselor to ensure that transcripts and secondary school reports were sent.

5. If you applied early to a school requiring a CSS Profile for financial aid consideration, verify that your parents have sent all required information.

6. Regularly review e-mail and telephone messages. You may get requests for interviews or follow-up information.

7. If you have been given a log-in to check the status of your application, do so.

8. Update colleges on important information like strong senior year grades or new awards occurring after you submitted your application.

9. Follow-up with the admissions office if you are concerned about the status of your application.

10. Keep focused on your school work. Declining grades will hurt you if you are deferred from early admissions or wait listed.

With effort you can increase your chances of achieving your admissions goals.

David Dickson is an admissions counselor for Top Test Prep; Top Test Prep provides college admissions counseling and private tutoring to help students gain admission to top private schools, colleges and grad schools. Call (800) 501-7737 to learn more.

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