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All of Top Test Prep’s private ACT tutors have scored in the top 1% of national testers, and have the teaching and tutoring experience necessary to know how to connect well with students. Our instructors know the format of the ACT exam better than those of any other company, and many have written test questions themselves.

We provide you with the best of the best when it comes to instruction, and because of that you’ll be able work with your expert tutor on all sections of the ACT test, including the English ACT, Math ACT, Science ACT, and Reading ACT portions. Beyond being “smart,” our tutors know how to make sure your student has the right tools and strategies to navigate the ACT with ease.


ACT Tutors | ACT Exam Prep

Top Test Prep has the highest quality tutors. Every private tutor who works for Top Test Prep is carefully screened and trained by our Founder. In fact, for every 100 applications for private tutoring positions, only 1 is hired from our pool of ACT exam applicants.

Our private tutors know that a student’s tutoring experience must be fun, interactive and engaging. The innovative methods we use to help students with their test preparation are results-based, and are customized around a student’s greatest needs.

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Steven Williams ACT Prep Your test prep and admissions con- sulting was absolutely wonderful, and helped me get into my first choice college. I chose the Top Test Prep 'Gold' Package and was impressed every step of the way.
Houng Park ACT and Admissions Counseling Top Test Prep's methods actually work. Our son improved his SAT scores by 410 points, and his ACT score by 8 points on the ACT. We plan on referring all of our friends and family to Top Test Prep for their SAT and ACT private tutoring programs.
Carrie Wooden ACT Tutoring Top Test Prep's ACT tutors are top of the line. If you need help getting ACT prep, get in touch with their exam prep team.
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