DAT Exam Tips and Strategies


DAT Tips, Strategies and Methods:

Linda came to us for help with her DAT tutoring. She was interested in only going to dental schools in her area.

Working one-on-one with her DAT private tutor, taking certified practice DAT exams, and following customized lesson plans, Linda gained the study skills she needed to succeed in areas she had previously found difficult. Additionally, she found that, “[Top Test Prep] significantly reduced my anxiety.” The DAT became much easier for her through this DAT tutoring program.

With Top Test Prep’s help, Linda scored in the top 10th percentile when she sat for the DAT that spring, and gained admission to 5 of the best dental schools.

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How to Prep for the DAT:

There are three main methods to prepare for the dental admission test…

(1) With self-study – not recommended unless you’ve always scored in the top 1% of an exam.

(2) With hybrid – some help with a tutor and some self-study for DAT;  yes, recommended if you’re motivated, but still need some guidance.

(3) With a private DAT tutor and a course program- we recommend this because it works – students in our DAT prep program see an average score increase of 20 percentiles or more.

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More Helpful Tips & Strategies for the DAT

Below you’ll find various information about the DAT exam below:

Take adequate time on the first 20 questions

How well you do on the first 10 questions has a significant impact on your final score. To ensure you do as well as possible, remember to take your time on this portion of the test.  You should complete the easiest questions with patience and caution.  Do not rush this portion of the DAT exam.

Don’t be afraid of the clock

Many students taking the DAT worry about not being able to complete the test with enough time left.  You should practice with your DAT tutor to develop practical strategies for finishing the exam.  With our “Fear No Test” philosophy, we’ll help reduce your anxiety and give you confidence to complete all sections on time.

Take timed practice exams

Taking practice DAT exams is important.  However, have you considered taking less vs. more.  There’s a common myth about DAT prep, which is that you should take more exams to help you.  We recommend taking no more than 5 exams for practice, and re-review these DAT exams until you understand and can teach it back to our private DAT tutors.

Get a private DAT tutor

Hiring a private DAT tutor can help improve scores between 40 to 60% on average.  This is just an average, we’re way beyond that.