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At Top Test Prep, your child will receive a customized lesson plan geared towards their particular strengths and weaknesses in the HSPT. This reactive curriculum ensures that you will see the best score increase possible.

Here’s how you can prepare for the HSPT (High School Placement Test):

How to Prep for the HSPT

The HSPT is owned by the Scholastic Testing Service, and is administered by the diocese in which you are planning on attending high school. In order to do well on the HSPT, you must score well in all five of the sections. Remember, you are not penalized for wrong answers, so it is important that all questions are answered.

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How can you prepare for the HSPT exam?

The most important way to prepare for the HSPT exam is to take a diagnostic, contact tutoring specialists, and begin a comprehensive program that includes admissions counseling and HSPT test prep and tutoring.