LSAT Tutors | LSAT Exam Prep for Law School

LSAT Tutors | LSAT Prep for Law School

John came to Top Test Prep for help with his LSAT prep. He was interested in applying to several top law schools. He hadn’t done any LSAT prep before, and was searching for an LSAT prep group that would challenge him to do better – and give him the LSAT strategies to succeed.

John scored a 147 on his first diagnostic exam.  Curriculum and tutor managers at Top Test Prep carefully considered the results and designed a series of lesson plans tailored to improve his score and strengthen his testing confidence.   Jon was paired with a highly qualified tutor who was able to target and improve areas on the exam where he was weak. Throughout the tutoring program, curriculum managers updated and adjusted his lesson plans to reflect his progress. “We spent a lot of time on what I needed.”

Jon gained the skills he needed to succeed in areas he had previously found difficult. With Top Test Prep’s help, John scored a 164 when he sat for the LSAT that spring.

Here’s some information on LSAT prep and how to find tutors:


How to Prep for the LSAT

Once you decide to apply for law school, planning how to prepare for the LSAT is one of the most important steps to take. You’ll want to get familiar with the test and outline a exam study schedule that will help you to be as prepared as possible when you sit down to take LSAT test.

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More Helpful Tips & Strategies for the LSAT

We’ve come up with a nine-step schedule that helps our students become as prepared as they possibly can be for the LSAT.

Define your study schedule and register for the test

The first thing you’ll want to do is define how much time you’ll need for studying and then to register for the test. You’ll want to pick a test date that gives you at least 4 to 8 weeks (minimum) to prepare and also enough time to send the scores to schools before the application deadline. After defining your study schedule and registering for the test, move on to step number two.

Use the official LSAT prep guide

The LSAC publishes their guidebook to help you navigate the test prep process.

Review the exam structure and content

The LSAT contains four sections: reading comprehension, analytical reasoning (logic games), logical reasoning (arguments) and a writing sample. Each section takes 35 minutes.

Enroll in a Top Test Prep LSAT tutoring program

Our tutors have scored in the top 1% of the LSAT and will be able to help you do as well as they did. If you want to be amongst the best, why not work with those who already are?

Take several complete exams

Practice exams will help you become more familiar with the test itself, as well as allow us to create customized lesson plans that will be altered throughout the process. This will also allow you to stay within the time allotted for each section to ensure that all questions are answered.

Identify your weakest sections

Focussing on the sections which you feel are more challenging will allow you to increase your scores and ensure that you obtain the best score possible.

Further identify specific question types that were answered incorrectly

Within each section, there might be specific questions sets that are causing you more difficulty. These will require a more narrow focus to ensure your success.

Focus on these questions during private tutoring sessions

Our tutors will be able to not only help you answer the more difficult questions, but also help you teach it back to them. This will allow you to know the test inside out!

Take as many timed, full-length exams as possible

Taking a practice LSAT under test conditions will give you the best idea of what test day will be like. This will increase your confidence in your final performance on the LSAT.