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All Top Test Prep LSAT tutors have scored in the top 1 percentile for the LSAT exam, and average a 175 or higher. Our LSAT prep improves your LSAT score on all sections: logic games, reading comprehension and logical reasoning.  The LSAT exam prep we provide will help you gain admission to one of the best law schools.

The LSAT counts for nearly twice as much as your GPA in the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) formula, so we want to empower you with the LSAT prep so that you can get into these top law schools.


The Highest Standards

Top Test Prep has the highest quality tutors. Every private tutor who works for Top Test Prep is carefully screened and trained by our Founder. In fact, for every 100 applications for private tutoring positions, only 1 is hired.

Our private tutors know that a student’s tutoring experience must be fun, interactive and engaging. The innovative methods we use to help students with their test preparation are results-based, and are customized around a student’s greatest needs.

Law School - LSAT and Admissions Reviews

Jay Jules Law School Admissions Counseling Working with the Law school admissions counselors at TTP - I completed my LSAC profile nearly six months in advance and got into 10 top law schools.
Tom Williams LSAT Tutoring I did LSAT Prep with Top Test Prep. I was happy they actually cared enough to call and see if I improved my scores, and I did! Thank you so much.
Veronica Morel LSAT Private Tutoring Top Test Prep's LSAT tutors are top notch. Recommend you contact the LSAT experts at TTP before you begin you prep.
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