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Top Test Prep’s MCAT prep tutoring and courses are built to give you exactly what you need. We’ll make sure you have a foundation in all of the MCAT’s main sections including Verbal, Physical and Biological sciences.

Beyond building your fundamentals, we perfect your MCAT test-taking skills, teaching you how to memorize concepts faster, recognize the most common questions on the MCAT, and the strategies that will help you answer questions quickly and with certainty.  Our MCAT tutors are ready to help you improve your medical college admission test scores!

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Frequently Asked Questions About the MCAT Exam

What is the MCAT exam?

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a standardized, multiple-choice examination designed to assess your problem solving, critical thinking, and knowledge of science concepts and principles prerequisite to the study of medicine. Scores are reported in Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, and Biological Sciences. Medical colleges consider MCAT exam scores as part of their admission process. The MCAT is a knowledge-based exam, and understanding fundamental math and sciences concepts is essential to doing well on the exam.  Our MCAT tutors provide test prep for the verbal, physical, and biological sciences of the MCAT exam.

This video on “What is the MCAT exam?” should also help you better understand – indeed, it’s a start to providing you with useful tips before you begin your MCAT test preparation:

What’s on the new MCAT exam?

The MCAT is a 6+ hour test, consisting of 4 sections: Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Writing Sample.

However, the new MCAT exam in the future will include the following updates:


Is there a penalty for guessing on the MCAT?

No, there is no guessing penalty on the MCAT.

What’s the Verbal section of the MCAT?

There are 40 multiple choice questions that will be presented in order of easiest to most difficult. There will be 5-6 passages, with 5-8 questions each, and you will have 60 minutes to complete the section.

What are the score ranges on the MCAT?

Each section of the test first receives a “raw score.” On the three multiple- choice sections (Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Verbal reasoning), the raw score is calculated on the number of questions answered correctly. No points are deducted for questions answered incorrectly.

On the Writing Sample, the raw score is determined by adding the scores that readers assign to each of the two essays that you write. Two readers read each of your essays, so the raw score is the sum of four readers’ scores.

Each raw score is then converted into a scaled score. For the three multiple-choice sections, scaled scores range from 1-15.

For the writing sample, scaled scores are reported on an alphabetic scale from J-T. J-L below average, M-Q is average, and R-T is above average.

Where can I find an MCAT test prep course?

We hope this video will explain what students believe is the best MCAT prep course in the country – a focused MCAT test and tutoring program to increase verbal, physical and biological science scores:

How can I prepare for the MCAT verbal section?

This MCAT prep video will explain how you can better prepare for the MCAT verbal reasoning section for the exam:


How can I score a 35 or higher on the MCAT exam?

This video will explain how several students increased their MCAT score to a 35+ higher and gained admission to many medical school programs:


MCAT Exam: Explained

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