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Our MCAT Tutors Have Attended the Best Med Schools.

We set ourselves apart from the rest with the quality of our instructors. All of our MCAT private tutors have scored in the top 1% percent of the MCAT exam, and many have teaching experience in subjects like organic chemistry, biology, chemistry, and physics. They are trained not just to teach the material, but to make sure that at the end of your studies you’d feel comfortable teaching it yourself. This is a huge distinction between TTP and many other test prep approaches to the MCAT exam.

We build a customized MCAT program especially for you – whether you need help with Verbal Reasoning or could use some extra Physical and Biological sciences work, our curriculum team works with your starting point to design intense, effective lessons that build on your knowledge and expand your skills.


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With our MCAT test prep and tutoring, you’ll work with MCAT tutors who know each section – Verbal Reasoning, Physical and Biological sciences.  But more importantly, you’ll also gain the confidence to succeed; the AAMC exam requires several hours of prep, and our med school admissions counselors are here to help you get into med school with a high MCAT score.

Our MCAT tutors are trained experts from top medical schools.   Work with some expert tutors – simply contact us today.

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Michael Isma MCAT Admissions Counseling MCAT experts who care about you getting into med school!
Chelsea Thomas MCAT Prep and Medical School Admissions Counseling My MCAT tutor was absolutely wonderful. I built my confidence, and took the MCAT exam with strategies that actually worked. I also worked with Top Test Prep's medical school admissions counseling team - and they helped me so much with my medical school applications: from the recommendations, choosing the right program, mock interviews, to reviewing and helping to edit my personal statement. I would recommend Top Test Prep to any student applying to med schools.
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