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Alli was struggling with both critical reading and math on the SAT exam. She needed SAT tutoring to challenge and inspire her to improve her SAT scores. Working one-on-one with her SAT private tutor, taking certified practice exams, and following a customized SAT lesson plan, Alli gained the skills she needed to succeed in areas she had previously found difficult. With Top Test Prep’s help, Alli scored a 2200 when she sat for the SAT exam. Alli’s high SAT scores gained her early admission to Cornell University.

How to Prep for the SAT

The SAT is owned and published by the College Board, and it’s intended to evaluate students’ academic readiness for college. Taking either the SAT exam or the ACT exam is required by nearly all U.S. colleges and universities. In order to score well on the SAT, it’s important to do well on all three sections of the exam. These sections include: math, reading, and writing. Each section of the exam is worth 800 points for a perfect combined score of 2400. Start with following tips and strategies put together by our tutors.

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    SAT Tips & Strategy Basics
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    SAT Math Section Tips
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    SAT Essential: Use the Order of Questions
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More Helpful Tips & Strategies for the SAT

The Math Section

The math section covers Numerical Operations, Data Analysis, Geometry, Algebra I and some Algebra II. The exam has three math sections with 20 to 25 minutes per section. The majority of the math questions are multiple choice, but there are also some student-produced responses. Helpfully, a chart with the most important formulas are provided at the beginning of every math section. Nearly all of the formulas needed for the test can be found in this chart. It’s worthwhile to become familiar with the chart before taking the exam in order to be ready for the types of problems that will be asked. One of the best ways to approach the math problems on the SAT is to view them as puzzles. The problems on the exam will challenge you by asking you to use formulas you’ve learned in school on problems that you haven’t seen before. You’ll have to use familiar formulas on unfamiliar problems.


In the next two videos, we show you key tips for answering math questions that may initially seem too intimidating:

Some of the hardest questions on the math section can be unraveled with a key pointers from an expert tutor. In the next video, we give you a sample of how our key tutors help students solve even the hardest SAT Math problems:


The Reading Section

The Critical Reading on the SAT is composed of two 25-minute sections and one 20-minute section.  When you’re taking the SAT reading section, you will see sentence completions and questions about short and long reading passages. Doing well on the Critical Reading section requires a combination of skills including reading comprehension, literary interpretation and analysis, and vocabulary.


In the following videos, we share some advice on how to analyze a passage:




For tips on improving your vocabulary easily and effectively, watch the following video:


The Writing Section

The SAT Writing section tests both your knowledge of grammar and your ability to write a short essay. For a breakdown of the types of grammar questions on the SAT Writing, watch the following video:

The SAT essay is the first portion of your exam.  You’ll take this section first, spending 25 minutes to complete it.  Scoring well on the SAT writing section is about writing as much as you can, coming up with the best topical examples, and stating a clear and convincing opinion about the topic.  Our SAT tutors can dramatically improve students’ essays with key pointers and expert critique. In the following two videos, we highlight some of the essentials to writing good SAT essays: