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SSAT Prep with Admissions Counseling:

Colin’s parents came to us for help preparing him for his SSAT exam. They wanted to enroll him in top private schools, and his SSAT scores needed work – particularly on the math section. Colin’s parents chose the SSAT tutoring – “Premium” – program. This program included nearly 20 in-home tutoring lessons, and unlimited SSAT practice exams.

Beginning with a less than 50 percentile on the SSAT, we needed to work on all sections equally. Their goal was to get him into top private schools, which usually required a 80+ SSAT percentile (at the least).

With Top Test Prep’s help, Colin increased his score by 300 points and scored in the top 15% of the test when he sat for the SSAT that spring. He was admitted into all of the private schools on his parents’ list.

We have helped students gain admission to schools like:  Exeter, Andover, Choate, St Paul’s, Loomis, Milton, Lawrenceville and private schools like Trinity and Horace Mann.

How to Prep for the SSAT

The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) consists of two parts: a brief essay, and a multiple-choice aptitude test which measures your ability to solve mathematics problems, to use language, and to comprehend what you read.

Our SSAT programs are packaged to include a balanced number of one-on-one private lessons, practice exams, and materials in order to make sure your son or daughter has the prep he or she needs to boost those SSAT scores.

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How can you prep for the SSAT exam?

The best way to prep for the SSAT exam is to get a comprehensive tutor, study at least 5 times per week, and begin prep months before your actual SSAT exam.  Working with a private SSAT tutor can also help – call us to learn about SSAT tutoring – (800) 501-7737.