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Our SSAT Tutors Know the Exam.

Many Top Test Prep SSAT tutors are graduates of top private schools like Andover, Exeter, Choate, Hotchkiss, Lawrenceville, Milton, Loomis, St. Paul’s, and many more.

They’ve taken the SSAT exam, and understand what it takes to earn top SSAT scores and gain admission to competitive private schools. Our SSAT tutoring focuses on improving scores for all sections: math, verbal, reading, and writing.

This video will show you ways our SSAT tutoring program and test prep works:



SSAT Tutors & Test Prep

Our SSAT Tutors are experts who also have attended several boarding schools and are familiar with all sections of the SSAT exam – verbal, math and writing.  This is SSAT test prep where students can learn new strategies for tackling the SSAT examination.

Our SSAT tutors know that a student’s tutoring experience must be fun, interactive and engaging. The innovative methods we use to help students with their test preparation are results-based, and are customized around a student’s greatest needs.

Get into the Best Boarding Schools

Colin W. SSAT Tutoring We’d recommend parents take a look at their SSAT program, and we’re looking forward to coming back to Top Test Prep for SAT and ACT prep when he’s in high school.
Sailee Tama SSAT Exam Prep I gained 200 points in the first week of SSAT exam prep.
John WIlson SSAT and Admissions counseling Top Test Prep does a great job of combining SSAT prep with expert admissions counselors who can actually get you into one of the best boarding school programs.
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