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The 20 Best Colleges in America

Here’s some information on Forbes Magazine’s Twenty Best Colleges in America:

Comparative assessments of America’s institutions of higher learning have become a hot commodity as embodied by US News and World Report’s widely circulated rankings. Forbes magazine has thrown its hat into the evaluation arena with its own distinctive approach. Its evaluative criteria include listing of alumni in “Who’s Who in America” (25 percent); student evaluations of professors from RatemyProfessors (25 percent); four year graduation rates (16 2/3 percent); enrollment adjusted numbers of students and faculty receiving nationally competitive awards (16 2/3 percent); and average four year accumulated student debt of those borrowing money (16 2/3 percent). Forbes most recent college ratings follow.

America’s Top-Ranked, Best Colleges:

1. Princeton University, NJ
2. California Institute of Technology
3. Harvard University, MA
4. Swarthmore College, PA
5. Williams College, MA
6. US Military Academy, NY
7. Amherst College, MA
8. Wellesley College, MA
9. Yale University, CT
10. Columbia University, NY
11. Northwestern University, IL
12. Wabash College, IN
13. Centre College, KY
14. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
15. Bowdoin College, ME
16. US Air Force Academy, CO
17. Middlebury College, VT
18. University of Chicago, IL
19. Smith College, MA
20. Pomona College, CA


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