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The Best Ways to Write a Strong College Admissions Essay

(Ten Recommendations for Writing a Strong College Admissions Essay)

The prospect of writing multiple college admissions essays may appear to be overwhelming. It can be managed effectively, however, with organization and deliberation. Recommendations which will assist you in writing strong admissions essays follow.

1. At the Start of the Process, Make a Chart of Required Essays
Being organized is crucial in the admissions process. Early in the process identify essay questions which are similar.

2. Read the Previous Examples/Essays of Successful Applicants to Individual Schools

If the schools you are applying to provide access to applicant essays, take advantage of it to extract lessons for your essays.

3. Create a Resume Focused on Your Academic and Non-Academic Accomplishments

Think about why your accomplishments are important and how they would assist you in contributing to individual institutions. Integrate these accomplishments selectively into your essays which should be tailored to those schools.

4. Formulate a List of Personal Attributes that You Want to Highlight in Your Essays
You no doubt have many great attributes – so explore which are the best, and let the admissions office know more through specific examples in your life.

5. Search for Inspiration in Your Daily Activities
Find things which are meaningful to you that are pertinent to your essays.

6. Be Authentic in Your Admissions Essays Speaking in Your Own Voice

It is usually self-evident if you are trying to be someone other than yourself as a student and person.

7. Start Off with the Smaller Essays Before You Proceed to the Longer Ones
Doing so will provide you with ideas for the comprehensive essays.

8. Recycling Parts of Essays is Legitimate but Make Sure You Address the Essay Questions Directly
Your college admission essay may have commonalities with other ones, but should be adjusted to the distinctions of the institution to which you are applying.

9. Keep Your Admissions Essays Brief and Close to the Minimum Word Count Delineated
A superior essay is shorter and to the point. Your admissions readers only have a short period of time before they move on to the next application so make the most of what you write. State in five words what you could have stated in ten words.

10. Find an Outside Editor to Offer Advice on Your Essays
Even the most experienced writers need good editors to provide feedback and perspective. Top Test Prep has some awesome college admissions counselors who can help you – give the team a call at (800) 501-Prep or contact us online.

Admissions Essay writing can even be enjoyable if you approach it methodically and with a basic understanding of the ingredients of essay preparation.
David Dickson is a counselor at Top Test Prep which offers private tutoring and expert test preparation with admissions experts who help you gain admission to your top schools.

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