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The Economy and Graduate School Applications

Many of our readers have wondered how the economy has affected the graduate school applications. Well, there’s no doubt that the economy shapes the number of students applying to these selective programs.

Take the GMAT exam: As of Oct. 31st, some 212,000 GMAT tests have been administered; a nearly 12 percent increase over the 188,856 tests administered just a year prior. As the economy sags, student enrollment in business schools soars. And John Fernandes, president and CEO of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, absolutely correlated that when the economy begins to turn down, people look to returning to graduate school. So, of course, applications are affected, the GMAT exam is affected.

Now is a good time to get your business school or graduate degree and weather the storm. However, if you’re applying to business school, it’s important to be positive in your application. Don’t be negative and focus on the sagging employment rates; morbid language = bored admissions officers.

No matter what happens with the economy, our business school admissions consulting can help you get into these programs. Call Top Test Prep today – (800) 501-7737 – to get help with your MBA admissions applications.

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