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The New AP Exams and College Admissions

I just read an article titled “Rethinking Advanced Placement” in the New York Times by Christopher Drew.  As I read the article, I immediately thought of two significant ideas that will spring forth from the new AP Exams  – unmentioned as they were.

First, the new AP Exams will have a significant impact on college admissions.  Admissions offices can expect more students that will take the Biology and US history AP Examinations.  As an applicant to top schools, students often try to fill their college apps with as many AP exams as possible.  With more students taking these two exams with the new standards, we’re likely to see fewer students who can distinguish themselves by scoring highly on these exams.  I expect further that the AP Exam score average will climb higher from the current “mean score of 2.63” back above the 3.0+ mark.  This is an unbelievably high (and statistically significant) number.

Second, the new AP exam standards will change how introductory courses are taught in many universities.  With more conceptually-based AP exams in Bio/History, college courses are likely to tailor their own curricula in the same way.   What this means for future Bio and History majors, remains unclear – though it is likely that future medical school and law school applicants (to which these majors most often apply) will re-think how they study and prepare for these exams as well.  I would venture that major changes in curricula for these subjects will take many years as most changes do in University level curricula.

Overall, I applaud the re-thinking of the AP Exam standards, and remain curious as to what the impact of the standards will have on both college admissions and future course curricula.  I do recommend the article which you can find here…

New York Times “AP Exam” Article 

This article was written by Chairman of Top Test Prep, and education expert, Ross Blankenship.

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