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The Parent Guide to College Admissions

Part 2 of our series continues with answers about college admissions, private tutoring and test prep.

How can my kid get into an Ivy League School?

The formula for getting into the Ivy League is a mixture of exceptional high school grades, high test scores and a background that says you’re interesting and will contribute to that Ivy League School. Because so many college admissions decisions are subjective, meaning that the admissions offices wants some unique students and not just test scores, you have to make a college application theme that is different from the rest.

What happens if our college counselor is not very helpful?

At Top Test Prep, we see this situation all the time: a parent calls in needing help – a student has tried to get in touch with his college counselor for days at his or her private or public school – and still no answer or response. Their high school is either too big or too impersonal to give them the opportunity to have a college counselor review admissions applications, so they need Top Test Prep to help them with their college applications. We’ll be happy to help. Get in touch with us today (800) 501-PREP. Our admissions consulting is geared for each student and personalized to make sure you have all the information you need to get into top schools.

How many college admissions essays are required?

This all depends on the number of colleges you’re applying to, and whether you’re using the Common Application to apply to these schools. On average you’ll have to write around three to four admissions essays when you apply to any given college. The more the merrier, we think, so let us know if you need help with your college admissions essays, personal statements or resumes.

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