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The Site Slinger Review (Capital Factory company), Austin, TX

Our team recently encountered some major issues using a company called “The Site Slinger.”  According to the Site Slinger website, purportedly, “The Site Slinger turns designs into code. Built for designers and headquartered in Austin, Texas, we’re here to make PSD to HTML better with easy online ordering, reliabile team, and fast turnaround.”  Further, the Site Slinger co-founders, Nate McGuire and Connor Hood claim that, “Our customers love our fully transparent development process and straightforward approach to design to code.”  Well, this is absolutely NOT true.  The SiteSlinger company is the most unprofessional, poorly organized, worse project managers, we’ve ever had to deal with.  Our team would NOT recommend either Nate McGuire, Connor Hood, or any one affiliated with SiteSlinger (http://thesiteslinger.com/) – and we hope the Capital Factory and those coming out of Austin Texas realize the issues you’ll face if you engage with either of these people.

For a quick preface: we’re a test prep and tutoring company that provides customized support and care for our families.  In fact, we employ a Zappos-style approach to treating customers with respect, which is possibly why we feel compelled to share this experience with others so they don’t have to deal with either Nate or Connor at SiteSlinger.

To give you examples of why we would not recommend the SiteSlinger, we contacted both Nate McGuire and Connor Hood in early 2013.  After setting clear expectations about the length and level of our site re-design, we were promised professional and prompt service.  After paying a significant amount up front, which is something we also recommend you do not do, we were told the project would be completed within a two-week period.  The problem with Site Slinger was that these guys decided not to contact our team up until a couple days before the project was to be completed.    They also were resistant, reluctant and provided continuous perfunctory, sub-par work.

SiteSlinger does not respond to customers.

Further, when we would call, every one of our phone calls went straight to voice mail.  We wouldn’t hear back for days.  Totally unprofessional.  Our staff each called and left several messages – and would get an email back, not a phone call.  They have no decency.

SiteSlinger does the bare minimum.

Literally, we asked the SiteSlinger people to convert several PSDs to HTMLs, and found bugs, errors and several issues when they turned the project in – late.  When we sent detailed feedback – they balked and again, only agreed to do the bare minimum.

We actually feel bad for the Capital Factory (http://www.capitalfactory.com/).  To have the SiteSlinger guys associated with your company is absolutely embarrassing.  You should spend some time training these people – particularly if your incubator is to be a reflection of quality companies coming out of Austin TX.

Here’s their contact information.  Do NOT use this company.  You’ll regret it.

Connor Hood  ([email protected])

Nate McGuire ([email protected])


And they’re affiliated with The Capital Factory (http://www.capitalfactory.com/)

Positive note:

The good news is that for every company like this, there are thousands out there who employ top level customer service and support.  We’ll use this as a learning experience to share with the hundreds of private tutors and instructors we have on staff.  We sincerely hope this serves as a lesson for others.


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