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The Top 10 Graduation Rates for America’s Most Competitive Colleges and Universities

A recent American Enterprise Institute study identified the highest and lowest graduation rates for America’s institutions of higher learning. It’s “most competitive college” category consisted of colleges requiring “high school rank in the top 10-20 percent, grade point averages of a B+ to an A, and median test scores between 655-800 on the SAT and 29 on the ACT.” They “typically admitted fewer than one-third of applicants.” The schools, their graduation rates over six years, and useful information follow:

Colleges with Highest Graduation Rates:
1. Harvard University, MA: 97%
T-2 Amherst College, MA: 96%
T-2 Yale University, CT: 96%
T-4 Brown University, RI: 95%
T-4 Princeton University, NJ: 95%
T-4 Stanford University, CA: 95%
T-4 Univ. of Notre Dame, IN: 95%
T-4 Univ. of Penn, PA: 95%
T-10 Duke University, NC: 94%
T-10 Pomona College, CA: 94%
T-10 Swarthmore College, PA: 94%

Ten Colleges with Lowest Graduation Rates
1. Webb Institute, NY: 60%
T-2. Reed College, OR: 76%
T-2. Tulane Univ., LA: 76%
T-2 Univ. of Miami, FL: 76%
5. US Air Force Academy: 77%
6. George Washington Univ., DC: 78%
7. Scripps College, CA: 80%
T-8. Case Western Reserve Univ., OH: 81%
T-8. Occidental College, CA: 81%
T-8. US Military Academy, NY: 81%

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