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The Top 5 Medical Schools for Your Major

The Association of American Medical Colleges projected that U.S. medical schools enrollment will increase by 30 percent from 2002 to 2017. More students are dedicating their studies to saving other people’s lives every year but not all of them are planning on being the typical family doctor. There are over 120 specialties and subspecialties within the medical field. There might not be one best career choice out of the plentiful options but there is definitely a best school for each one.

There are over 141 MD-granting institutions in the U.S. Some better than the rest, depending on your medical specialty. During your junior year of undergraduate school, you should begin leaning towards one specific field to pursue in graduate school. Do some research and find the best program for your concentration and work on meeting their admissions requirements for your remaining years.

To help you get started, here are a few rankings for the top medical schools and respective average MCAT scores for three of the most popular medical career choices:

top med pediatricsPediatrics is the field for you if you love working with children and making a lot of money. The average annual salary for pediatricians is around $176,000 a year. Pediatricians deal with all types of influences on a child’s health from birth to young adulthood. This is a field that focuses on more than just the physical well-being of their patients. Pediatrics also focuses on the behavioral and developmental influences on children as well. There are many about 20 different subspecialties to concentrate on within this field.

top med primaryPrimary care is one of the most popular choices within the medical field. Medical students who go into this field are pursuing a career as health care providers for patients within a health care system. There are many career choices in this field. A few of the most common titles chosen are: primary are physician, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, registered nurse, clinical officer, physician assistant and physical therapist.


top med research


Medical research, also known as biomedical research, is the more behind-the-scenes option in the medical field. There are two general categories to concentrate on within this specialty: evaluation of new treatments in clinical trials, and the development of new treatments in preclinical research. This is a great choice for you if you are one of those students with the intent to find the cure for cancer. The increased longevity of humans can be accredited to medical research over the past century.





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